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 Darrel Peterson   24/Dec/2001:18:59:58
I met a wonderful lady from your community and just wanted to say Thank You.

 Emily Emily
Its a really good website but one on Kirby could be just as good coz Kirby rox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 KYLIEFOX   21/Dec/2001:13:37:05

 Sandra Reyes   14/Dec/2001:09:45:16
We are moving to Groby in the next February and just having a look of the village through your web site makes me love it. Thanks

 nicky   12/Dec/2001:19:12:12
this is a wicked site and a testament to how communities and individuals can use new technology to forge links and a sense of community
best wishes

 Louisa   30/Nov/2001:00:13:21
Discovering a site for Groby was a pleasant surpise for me. I used to have friends at Leicester University, and been to Bradgate Park a few times, which I thought was amazing. Now, I want to recomment it to some new people in your area... I'll certainly recommend your site! Thanks for bringing back so many good memories!

 Felicity (Fliss) Ree   25/Nov/2001:11:36:50
What a fantastic website. I'm moving to Groby in the new year and looking at the website has made me feel welcome already! Is there anyone there who would like to correspond with me beforehand? I'm female, late 40's soon to be single again and hoping to own a dog for the first time. I'm interested in all sorts of things and keen not to be lonely. Anything going on in the village that I could get involved with?

 Sian   18/Nov/2001:14:51:12
i love this site!! it is a number one site for humanities homework lol. i live in groby and i think it rocks! but on weekends its like a ghost town and there is nothing good for us kids to do so we get pretty bored :( Bye! from Sian

me!!! again.. but think brookvale rocks too becasue i go there and i'm a diddy year seven!!! hi all people who are from brookvale and reading this!!!

 Daryl and Chris Regan   17/Nov/2001:12:35:52
We were delighted to view the village of Groby and look forward to our time with the students and staff at Lady Jane Grey school in January when Chris will take up her appointment as Grade one teacher. We currently live in Eden Hills which is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.

Daryl and Chris Regan

 nikki   15/Nov/2001:15:35:33
This is a real good site. I live in Groby, and i am on this site @ school. My friend is on the gallery!!!

Hi there. is there anything on Groby Church??? My parents got married there and I got christened there!

 james and markus   05/Nov/2001:20:44:45


 Ngaire Ingham   02/Nov/2001:15:57:22
What a lovely place you have there - a delightful website very well done - love the history - I must get there one day !!!!!!!

 Glenys Cooke   26/Oct/2001:16:59:32
A return message to wayne evans. My husband is decended from Tabitha Smith. Lots of info. Cannot send an e-mail on your address, can you contact us. Not too much on the Leicester side yet. Plenty on the Welsh.Glenys Cooke

 Jess   21/Oct/2001:20:56:41
This is an excellent site, and Ifind it very useful

 Laurent Hermier   18/Oct/2001:08:06:38
I am a french student and I have been living in groby since August. I am working at Druck (industrial placement)until the end of January. I would like to participate to Groby life, I mean, I know that some french courses are provided, perhaps I could help the teachers....and It would allow me to improve my english and to get to know with other people in Groby. Please get in contact with me if you think I can be of any assistance.
Thank you in advance
I look forward to hearing from you.
Laurent Hermier

 Mr F J Swan   15/Oct/2001:18:35:57
Just a quick visit to refresh memories of childhood. A walk across the fields from Glenfield to visit the Pool. Now in Derby.

 danny   13/Oct/2001:15:55:26
hello brookvale high is the best school in the uk

 carly   08/Oct/2001:20:46:30
hey does anyone know about groby ghosts or anything weird its build on quartz u know. Quartz hold sprits. Email me if you do.

thanks. Carly

 Jackie Jordan   05/Oct/2001:20:29:16
A very interesting site, particularly as I am trying to trace my husbands family tree in the area, many of the men being quarrymen. I have had one kind person contact me with some very interesting information, and would l love to hear from anyone else who can help.
So if there are any JORDAN's,CHISWELL's or ROUSE's reading this, please mail me.

Olliep21   30/Sep/2001:17:10:34
Hey groby neeeds something 4 the kids there is nowhere 2 play apart from school build something quickly


Dave Meadows    19/Sep/2001:14:27:14
I woulc be happy to hear from anybody who knows me. Please send me an email.

Joy Shepherd (nee Ca    17/Sep/2001:18:16:13
Just about to take a look.

Lynne Cox nee Spiby   16/Sep/2001:18:02:47

Wonderful website as I have probably said before. Just updating my previous messages to say that the GCC reunion for all who joined in 1979 is going to be held on 17th November 2001 at the Groby Community College. If you are interested in coming along please contact me, teachers welcome as well! Lynne

nicola 15/Sep/2001:16:28:26
I think this is a cool site as i live in groby is there a map of groby as i need help with my humanities homework

Jackie Jordan   12/Sep/2001:20:16:42
Hello everyone in Groby. A great site with some superb pictures, the old cottages are beautiful.
I wonder if there are any Jordans visiting the site, as I know there were a lot of them in Groby at one time. I am researching my husbands family, and have got back to his great great grandad, Henry, in 1808. Cant find his parents though, so if any of you are into genealogy, I would love to hear from you.

Quarrying - if anyone has any information on the early quarries around Groby, Markfield etc, say 1850 onwards I would be interested to hear from you. I am particularly interested to know, why Groby quarrymen moved to other quarries in the country, taking wives and children with them. In our case great grandad took his wife, 7 children and 3 lodgers, as well as his eldest son + wife and family and his brother + wife and family, to a quarry in Shropshire. They then all went to Scotland, before coming back to Enderby and Croft. Surely there was enough work at the local quarries

Fred Lehmanns   26/Aug/2001:05:31:18
~~~G'day , Greetings from "DOWN UNDER"!~~~
Hi...Great website you have here on the net .
I had a wonderful visit surfing through your site, what an excellent job , so much to see here on your pages. I look forward to coming back again for another visit! Keep up the good work! Have a great day!Fred

Lyn Smith   10/Aug/2001:17:05:08
Just when I think the site can't possibly get any better - you improve it. Well done Mike. The site reflects all the effort and expertise you have put into it.

Hope to goes to from strength to strength.

Best wishes to all in Groby.
Lyn Smith, (ex Flaxfield Close)
For those interested, we did eventually manage to move out of our house in Cornwall, re-built it - and moved back in again.

Hugh Issett of wette   04/Aug/2001:17:46:46
Excellent piece of English village webbery you have created here.

Terrific design. Very envious!

 Amanda Simons   27/Jul/2001:14:32:56
I lived in Groby from 1970 to 1977, and went to Martinshaw School until Elizabeth Woodville was built. Then Charnwood, until Brookvale was finished and then on to Groby College. I would like to hear from any class mates or Teachers. I kept in touch with Mr Whitley and his
Family for some years as, he moved from Elizabeth Woodville to Brookvale with his pupils, but have since lost touch.
I now live in North London with my Husband and two Sons aged 14 and 10

Lynne Cox nee Spiy    26/Jul/2001:23:30:58
Wonderful website which I have said before and futher to my previous email asking for contact with old school friends.

My friend Joanne Gamble and I are currently in the process of planning a school reunion for all who joined GCC in 1979 and left 1981 unless you stayed on for A levels this doesn't mean that you are not welcome, please come we need to make up the numbers especially if you are male!

If you are interested in catching up with your old friends and want to know what everyone is up to after all these years, oh I sound so old
but you are too, please contact me on 07768 468528. If you have read this email out of curiosity and know of anyone who may have joined GCC at this time please pass the word on.

At the moment, the venue may be GCC + 80s music and maybe alittle 90s, at least there is a bar! And if else fails we can disappear to the pub in either direction Groby or Ratby!

Outfits up to you but under no circumstances red or grey and if you went to Brookvale, pl

PAUL SMITH    21/Jul/2001:18:00:11
I was born in Groby in 1967, my parents still live in Groby as well as my Grandmother. The address of my parents are 10 Poplars Close.
It was fun to visit

 Lynne E Cox    14/Jul/2001:20:33:51

Joanne Orton nee Gamble and I are in the process of planning a school reunion this year for all who joined Groby Community College in 1979. Any one interested please contact me on 0161 338 8225. We are also hoping to ask any of our teachers, it would be good to hear from you as well, I hope we didn't cause too much trouble!!!

Look forward to hearing from you and also your comments on venue etc!

Best wishes

Lynne Cox nee Spiby  

Lynne Donaldson (nee    12/Jul/2001:11:24:14
Just arrived home (Fife) from a visit to my brother at Wallace Drive.I got quite sentimental - Again - Lots of my friends lived in the area, many went to Coalville, King Edward Vll Grammar, both at Forest Road and Castle Rock. Some I still hear from, others vanished in the mists of time.I'd love to catch up, especially with those who remember our 6th Form club of the early 60's- great web-site for ex-pat types. Fife also has a site, as does Auchtermuchty if anyone cares to visit.

 Faye Lloyd    11/Jul/2001:10:17:33
Hi from New Zealand!!
It has been a while since I visited the site and it is still worth a vote in the Leicestershire top sites! My WYKES ancestors were from Groby - they came out in 1865. Read WYKES was a bootmaker (son of Thomas and Sally). I'd be interested to hear from other Groby WYKES

Mr F.J. Swan    05/Jul/2001:19:05:58
Pleased to see that the site is still as good as ever. Anyone from Glenfield reading this? Only just across the fields (or used to be). Happy memories of the POOL and Bradgate. John Swan. Now in Derby.

 terry oakley    05/Jul/2001:05:52:43
Saw your Website.
Wigston you're now on the world map.I'm trying to make contact with member of a family who lives / used to live in Wigston.
The family name is Billets. Son Peter Billets married Jane from a village nearby. Immediately after their marriage they moved to 'Owlets' in Kent -&- he worked for Woolwich Building Society. Jane is / was a teacher. I was best man at the wedding -&- haven't seen Peter since.
I now live in Melbourne, Australia
So now Wigston you're certainly on the Australian map!
Hope you can help!
terry oakley

Owen Lawrence    23/Jun/2001:19:08:56

 sarah-jayne bradshaw    13/Jun/2001:12:35:13
I will be working in Groby for 6 months and need accomadation and if this could be in Groby would be great either email
or call 07771780926 

Geoff Kent   10/Jun/2001:19:45:46

James    04/Jun/2001:12:00:05
An excellent site, well laid out and full of interesting information and photos.If anyone is interested in contacting their fellow classmates from their old school , I have discovered a delightful, free website that does just that at This has a register of all schools , both Primary and Secondary (including Martinshaw,Elizabeth Woodville,Brookvale and Groby College), and has the facilities for photographs, memories , teacher notes plus lots more .Well worth a visit .
Keep up the good work with this site.I`ve voted for it on the "Leics Top Site " monthly vote.  

 Andy    21/May/2001:21:55:13
Thank you to four residents of Groby, Andy, Phillip, Mike, and Mikes friend who in all the excitment I can not remember his name for being
part of a wonderfull afternoon in Parc des Princes, Paris. Saturday was a day I shall long remember.
Many thanks

R.A. Barnes

 Marie Hyatt    10/May/2001:22:02:28
Hi, I am Sue Corbetts sisiter in law who has used this site.

I am interested in receiving any info on the Cashmores who lived on Leicester Road and Marina Drive, especially Joan who is now 74.
Apparently she married a Dennis Hyatt in the local church does anybody remember him?


 Sandy Croall    09/May/2001:22:29:35
Following my original posting to this site, many contacts have been made. I am very grateful for the contacts, there are more details to follow in due course.

The plus has been that my father, now 87 (+) has remembered a number of things that had sliped his mind.

His work was mainly out of the viilage in Markfield, but memories of Groby, both for him and I are coming forth, I will submit what I can soon.

 joyce bartlett (nee Shooter)    09/May/2001:18:49:03
Hi, A very good site one of the best good info an easy site to use. joyce

 Adam Bartlett   09/May/2001:11:33:56
A very enjoyable site. The history section is particularly good. My site has a selection of pictures from Groby Pool and Bradgate Park that visitors might find interesting.

 Jeffrey Groby    07/May/2001:05:48:28
I have been researching my last name for quite some time. I came across the Domesday Book information and began researching the current town. I am interested in knowing if there are currently any people with the Groby surname in Groby, or if my name most likely resulted from a typical Ellis Island name assignment here in the USA.

Thanks for any information and keep up the great site!

Jeff Groby

 Wouter and Lynnette   01/May/2001:09:28:50
Surfing the net looking for a home near Leicester, De Montfort University.
2 kids in primary school. Like what we saw in Groby :-)
E-mail us if your home is for sale!
Please forward info on primary schools if available.
Much appreciated
Wouter and Lynnette
Pretoria South Africa

 Sue Corbett    01/May/2001:00:19:51
It's me again!
First of all thankyou Mike for setting me right about how to find the guest book! Also if Gillian and Charlie Abel still read this site please get intouch through our new e-mail address. We had a lot of problems with the old server so when we moved we got a new one.I know the last one you got was a blank page but when I tried to get back to you our aol had wiped out all the addresses, so I am now trying to re-contact everyone through any means open to me. Mr Swan if you see this please let me know. Mike thankyou for this site All the best and hoping
Sue Corbett

 Oliver parke  27/Apr/2001:19:08:54

Jean Cummings    22/Apr/2001:16:17:16
I was brought up in Anstey but we walked to a Groby pub most Sundays when the weather was good. (in the 50's) Loved your site. Does Anstey have one?

Geoff Doughty    22/Apr/2001:13:08:53
I am 79 years of age and I find this site very appealing especially visiting the Virtual Village and the Studio. All persons working on this site are to be congratulated on there achievements. More please!!

 Anne Wilson   22/Apr/2001:03:15:00
Great web site. We plan on moving into this area later this year and I would be interested to find out about property for sale and prices etc

 Tony   19/Apr/2001:10:14:05
It's nice to know that Groby has a website with useful information.

 Diana    10/Apr/2001:10:35:00
This really is a fascinating site and congratulations to everyone involved. I live in the Marston/Castell/Jonathan area of the village and wonder whether anyone remembers how this was before our houses were built (circa 1960)? There are a large number of willow trees here which suggest a stream or river and I would be interested to know if any early maps show this - possibly even a large pond? Many thanks.

Sandy Croall    06/Apr/2001:01:22:57
Born 3/9/43, Woodlands, Wallace Drive, left Groby end Oct 1949 - I remember they were building Nov 5 Bonfire further round drive. I also remember a Joyce Shooter lived in bungalow further up drive! We had a dog (english sheepdog) that had many puppies which went to people in village, also our cat returned all way from London to village after we moved. Dad worked in timber buisiness.

 Simon Roulstone   28/Mar/2001:17:02:59
Hi there, Just having a look around, if there are any Roulstone's out there, why not drop by my site, you never know, we may be related!

Regards, Simon

The Roulstone Family Genealogy Site.

 Sarah 27/Mar/2001:19:01:24
Um, sorry about putting my website in. It's not to do with Groby, but it does have a page on it!! Oh, and it's not up yet...
I haven't searched properly, but do you have any information on Groby Community College. I recently moved to Groby (and yes, it is a nice litle village!!) but don't know anything about the schools -- and I've got to move up to them!! ^.^
Can anyone visiting this guestbook give me any information?? My address is posted here!!

Sarah xx

Paul Hussey


May I say hi from the Village of Cowplain in Hampshire --&-- may I say your site is the Bee's Knees!!!
If you love animals and pets, then please visit my site above.

 ka hextall ren    15/Mar/2001:21:17:48
learned about how good this site was now from Canada. I am lucky enough to live in one of the beautiful old cottages in Chapel Hill which are featured. Am going to let relatives in Singapore and Australia know about the site so that they can see what a lovely village and cottage we live in. thank you for your hard work in producing the site.

M.Sercombe    15/Mar/2001:14:58:05
Trying to find out about the reliability of plumber/ builder at "Groby home services, elm st"

David Ramsey

Can any reader help with an Abell family tree - complete or otherwise - which has the Groby /Newtown Linford/ Bradgate area as its main focus?  

Nicola Sunderland   08/Mar/2001:10:27:34
Hello to everyone that knows me!!! A special hello to my bestest friends Becca Patrick, Lisa Telfer, Michelle Tew and Emma Bonner !!!
I miss everyone at Groby since I left mid summer 1999. Hi to Sean Rowe, Ste Higginson, Siobhan Thornton, Tom Dicks, All my teachers at Groby Community college, Neil Smart, Matt Ruston , Emily Willett, Nicola Tew and Craig and a big hello to David Ramsey (remember me? you taught me and my sister Erica ??). I could go on and I'm sorry if I have forgotten anyone !!
Anyway I hope that everyone is safe and I will hopefully come down to Groby very very soon !!!!!!!!! Lots of love to you all Nicola
Sunderland .
Anthony   06/Mar/2001:15:21:52
I have been looking at your site and found it very interesting, I love Groby, know some fantastic people there and to see pictures of the place is wicked.

Keep up the good work.  

 RRSCORBETT   05/Mar/2001:14:04:00
I'm not sure if this is the right address to write to but I would like to publicly thank Gillian Abell for contacting me about the Cashmore family Once again thankyou Sue Corbett Toronto Canada

Chris Seaton   04/Mar/2001:09:55:12
Nice site. I am looking into family history. I had an ancestor, Harriett Raynor, born in Groby in 1835, daughter of a slate cleaver.However, I wonder if anyone can help me with either Wards or Kniftons who were in service to the Earl of Stamford in teh 1860s, 1870s. I think Bradgate House (hunting lodge, not original Hall) is in the parish of Groby. Am I right?  

 Martin McDonnell    27/Feb/2001:22:08:11
Input from the schools would be useful and interesting.

Well done on the beginings of an interesting local web site

Paul White   18/Feb/2001:16:32:02
As a Groby resident - very impressed - nice to see so many faces we know from the carnival - well done!

 dipti   16/Feb/2001:17:08:05
 Visiting this for a school project. I dont live in Groby but go to the high school-Brookvale.Think its brill

 Anja Holmes   07/Feb/2001:20:22:58
visited site for homework project

 Terry Foster    05/Feb/2001:22:34:07
We have had a good look at all the events on your website Brilliant introduction.

Sue Corbett    03/Feb/2001:01:11:17
Hello Groby We are new to this e-mail thing, but I could'nt help writing when I found this web site. Groby has such happy memories for me.My brother and his family live on Leicester Rd. Their name is Hyatt. Paul and Marie and their two children Damian and Sophie. So if anyone from the village sees this tell them Paul's sister Sue say's hello. I have a lot of childhood memories from Groby. Our Grandparnts lived there for more years than I know. They were Ethel and Norman Cashmore, Their children were,Joan,[my Mum] Norman, Carol and Terry.I was known as Lucy Two Shoes a long time ago!!! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the family. They used to live in Marina Drive #4.So if anyone out there remembers them I'd be really happy to hear from them!!

 Greg Findon    31/Jan/2001:15:35:10
Although I now live in London and work for a web design agency, I still travel back to Groby at least once a month.This site is a brilliant resouce, you are doing a great job Mike, if you need any help drop me a line!

 Faye Lloyd    31/Jan/2001:10:06:36
A very interesting site - Congratulations Groby! I found some of my Wykes ancestors on your history page! I'm sure if I make it over to the UK again, I'd like to come and visit.

 wayne evans    31/Jan/2001:00:27:19
Doing some research on my family history, found an ancestor of mine was born in the village,her name was Tabitha Smith,she was born on the 8th of April 1815, she died in north Wales in 1884. Her husband James Cooke was born in Mt. Sorrell also in Leics. They were married at Ratby in 1835.Their daughter Mary married a man by the name of William Bott,but I don't know if he was a local man from Groby. James and Tabitha moved to north Wales to find work in a slate quarry at Trevor nr. Caernarvon, he died in 1885. Sometime in the near future I plan to visit Groby.

 Bryan    29/Jan/2001:18:43:31
 Having left the area some thirty years ago I still remember Groby and the surrounding area with affection. Now living in reetirement in Brittany I have time to appreciate the beauties of the several areas in the UK where I have been fortunate to have spent my life.

 DAVID WAIT    28/Jan/2001:17:13:50

 Sharon Walker    24/Jan/2001:22:01:07
I didn't know that the website existed and have just received information through the post!! Had a good look at the website and found the history of the village very interesting!! Lived here for 2 1/2 years now and didn't really know much about it!! Thankyou for sharing the information on such an easily accessible site!!

 Katy Stevenson    21/Jan/2001:16:12:38
Great Web Site, from 9 newton linford lane, groby

 Mr F J Swan    16/Jan/2001:19:44:11
What a wonderful web site. Best I have ever see. As an ex resident of Glenfield, visiting Groby via the footpath across the fields, it brings back many memories. A site to recommend to anyone. Many hanks for your efforts.

 F.R.T.Jones    15/Jan/2001:02:30:51
This is an excellent site. I left Groby many years ago and still have fond memories.I also remember a folder in the Groby Library with loose leaf articles about many aspects of Groby in it which would make an excellent addition to this site.Is it worth considering? Keep up the good work.

 Sue -&- Ivor Bickers    13/Jan/2001:21:46:12
 we have lived in the village now for 18 yrs, we came up from the south of the country and we have been very happy living in the village

 Louise, Oliver -&- Ame    13/Jan/2001:11:14:19

LIN GIBSON    13/Jan/2001:00:39:59

 Bowyer family    11/Jan/2001:23:28:42
Thank you for posting details of the site through our door. Our family have lived in Groby for the past 15 years. We thought we knew it well, but it is great to see it from all angles. Look forward ot viewing it again and sharing it with friends.

 Aarian Moore    02/Jan/2001:13:10:23

The Community spirit is evident and admirable. Mike the presentation of this page is absolutely wonderful. I am very impressed. Do your talents have any boundaries.


 mr d ward mr    01/Jan/2001:17:08:39  


Entries during 2000 ...................................................................................................................................

  Ian Sykes    23/Dec/2000:11:10:13
Well done Mike!

Just a couple of lines to say that my family and I appreciate the effort you put in to making this site the best we've seen.Being a past resident with many fond memories of the village and the people that lived and still live there, we're able; through your site, to keep up with the constant changes and developments that occur. We are frequent 'site surfers' and look with interest and excitement at the creativity and individuality you display. It's great to see that you too are proud of the little village that has such a lot to offer and through your hard work so many more people like us, can maintain the link.Keep up the good work.

Ian Sykes
Formerly of 162 Ratby Road.

  Alison Hipwell    22/Dec/2000:11:12:59
It is a wonderful site and brought back many happy memories. Can anyone in groby still remember Frank and Sally (Florrie) Hipwell from London Rd Groby. They were my grandparents and died when I was at school. i am trying to trace my family and am interested in talking to anyone who remembers them. Frank Hipwell owned and ran Hipwell and Waters Sheet Metal Workers which stood where the Library now stands.I hope someone can help. Many thanks Alison

  Mike Brewer    06/Dec/2000:19:04:48
A site for sore eyes!
Groby Discussion Group (advertised elsewhere)is just coming to the end of its first year. We will probably affiliate to the National Adult School Organisation next year. NASO is 202 years old and did have branches in the village many years ago. I would be grateful to hear any news about its former existence in the village - I understand that a ladies' group closed down in the twenties.

 lynn reeves    06/Dec/2000:11:39:07
I was born in Leicester and my uncles owned R $ S engineering in Groby I was born Lynn Warner. Daughter of Frank Henry Warner, brother to Reg and samuel Warner. My cousin David now runs the company whom I have not seen for a very long time. I now live in Australia with my husband and two children. My best wishes go to them if they read this guest book

  Lynne Cox    02/Dec/2000:18:48:54
What a wonderful website, very clever and imaginative! I often check this guestbook to see if any ex school friends have posted a message. I thought that I would take the lead and ask if anyone who went to Brookvale High School and Groby Community College between 1978 and 1982 would like to contact me, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Regards

Lynne Cox (nee Spiby)

  Neil    29/Nov/2000:21:30:09
Just a quick note to say that as a young person of the village, I think this site is very interesting indeed. Having lived here all my life, I was wondering if anybody in the big wide world has any information/photos etc., of the north end of the village towards Markfield, especially the Lady Hay Wood/Bradgate Quarry/Barn Hills area? Even Wallace Drive, Lena Drive or Elsalene Drive? Old residents with photos of these areas would you please e-mail me at, I'd love to find out more! Thanks.

 Beccie Abey  27/Nov/2000:18:52:06
I was raised in Groby and now live in New Jersey USA; the sense of nostalgia looking at all the wonderful pictures is overwhelming. I think I trip back home is well overdue.Great website keep adding more and more.

 Harry Grove    26/Nov/2000:23:14:01
I came over to see what was happening in your part of the world. Very much liked your panoramic pic. Must try something like it soon, I may get in touch for your advice.Happy Christmas, if I don;t get back soon !

 Alan -&- Alison Fletcher    25/Nov/2000:16:50:07

 P.Smith    25/Nov/2000:16:42:26
First visit to Groby website..Interesting info.

  David Ramsey    22/Nov/2000:23:57:02
A very interesting site with a splendid list of surnames associated with the village in earlier times. For all readers trying to place either Bradgate or Groby as Elizabeth Woodvilles birth place I would warn that it was normal for the expectant mother to return to London for the birth of children, lie in for twenty eight days and then return to the country. The Greys had a very comfortable London House at the time of Jane's birth. Worth thinking about as there were very few good doctors out in the sticks if anything should go wrong.
Best wishes, David Ramsey.

 Jean K.    17/Nov/2000:18:19:57
Love the sight. Keep coming back to it. grew up around Leicester and Groby. Many pleasant memories were awakend

 Mr F. John Swan    15/Nov/2000:20:02:52
Just surfed in. Memories of prewar, fishing and sliding(couldnt afford skates)when the pool was frozen. Even walking to the island. Saw an Austin seven on the ice one year. Walked from Glenfield, where I lived, over the fields to Groby. My parents often visited the Groby Club on summer evenings for a drink. I must come back to the site again. Now living in Derby.

 Philip Alan Henderso    13/Nov/2000:04:46:22
Hi My mother was born in Groby and we have been trying to trace a little bit of information about her.Her name was Winifred Elsie Jordan.born March the 9th 1906.If anyone can supply us with any information on her and her parents,we would be greatful.

 Mike and Emma    28/Oct/2000:23:28:51
You have a very well produced site here. It was a great pleasure stopping by.

 Guy Etchells    20/Oct/2000:16:20:06
Great site well planned and thought out, Keep up the good work bringing Groby and Leicestershire to the world.
Cheers, Guy

  Karen    12/Oct/2000:15:58:25
A very nice site - I have lived in Groby for 2 years now and really like the sense of community in the real and 'virtual' sense. Keep on developing it. Can you show the allotments in their full glory next summer? Except not mine - its very weedy!

 B Phillips    08/Oct/2000:18:40:01
Most interesting site and very obvious that lots of research has gone into it. Congratulations and keep up the good work as our heritage and history needs to be preserved, you've done a first class job.

Barry Phillips.
Co Author of the Draycott in the Moors Parish Website,North

 paul   08/Oct/2000:12:59:44
 Other half (kathy)is starting to do a bit of web design. I may be able to contribute to archaeology and chess. I also have some satellite (Spot) photos of groby from 1990. They are dated now and also have a 5/4 distortion. Even so they clearly show the pool etc and are of interest to kids etc.

 K. Brandon     04/Oct/2000:04:22:42
This site is wonderful! It's very informative, well laid out and I love the maps :) I was born in Leicester and now live in Australia. It's great to read about a place that my family talk about but I don't really remember. Thanks!

 Yvonne Miles fulton  29/Sep/2000:00:08:42
 Loved it, gave me a lot of pleasure, took me back to my growing up in and around Leics., used to swim in Groby pool, yhey were the days, seeing all this has made me a little homesick, i may even have to come home for a visit, I now live in Maryland USA, on the Atlantic east coast. Thanks to all for giving me so much pleasure.Yvonne.

 Denise     24/Sep/2000:08:53:57
 One day I would love to visit Groby as my Dad was born there. His name is Noel Webster (B.28/11/1922). He now lives in Australia and I can't wait to tell him I found a website about his birthplace. Thanks, the site was really interesting.

 Shiam Dattani     23/Sep/2000:13:48:36

 pete hunt    22/Sep/2000:06:40:02
 this is so good had to come back for second looksee in 2 days, I used to ice skate on Groby pool a very long time ago.Great site - congrats to all concerned.

 Ann -&- Malcolm Mason    20/Sep/2000:01:54:23
Great idea! Got quite nostalgic looking through the site. We live in Washington DC now but still refer to Groby as "back home" after 16 yrs in the US. Keep up the good work.

 julia    16/Sep/2000:17:28:54
 very impressive site - well done

 Julian Mason    07/Sep/2000:21:36:13

 I grew up in Groby, but moved to the USA in 1984. It's amazing to see all the things on the web about my old hometown. Nice job.


  Sally    05/Sep/2000:20:01:04
Great site packed with village life information well done

  Garrie -&- Kay Kennedy    
A very interesting site - well done. We have been given a book on the Greys of Bradgate and see that there is a possibility that Lady Jane Grey was born in Groby at the Manor House which the book states is located on Ratby Lane. Could anyone please tell us if this is in fact true and if so where is the exect site of the Manor House, is it still standing and is it open to view?

 nick waterfield     31/Aug/2000:17:41:25
 I was very interested the Groby village page as I have a historical family link to the village.My ancestor is William Pike born 1689, died 14 january 1746, Vicar of Ratby(and buried in Ratby church). Rev Pike had a famous run in with the local squire at Groby Pool which ended in the William being pushed into the pool by the squire Tom of Tooley. The whole story can be found in Throsbys "Excursions in Leicestershire" 1790. If anyone else has a link to William Pike, or the Waterfields who worked in the quarries of North Leicestershire (including Groby) from 1700s to 1900s I would love to hear from them.

 Ghislain Roby  29/Aug/2000:21:06:28