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Entries during 2004 ...........................................................................................


Your Name: Svetlana
Country/Location: Calgary, Canada
E-mail Address:
Comments: Very good!
Your Name: jan debre
E-mail Address:
Comments: krasne Vianoce a pokojny Novy rok praje

Your Name: hglenn
Country/Location: decatur ga.
E-mail Address:
Comments: a great page
Your Name: bohu
Country/Location: China
E-mail Address:
Comments: happy new year


Your Name: Pablo
Country/Location: Brazil
E-mail Address:
Comments: Feliz Natal para a pessoa mais especial de minha vida!!! Te amo !!!
~ Fofucha :) (anyone translate?)
Your Name: lixin zhou
Country/Location: Foshan, guangdong,china
E-mail Address:
Comments: Merry christmas and new year!

Your Name: LUIS
Country/Location: EL SALVADOR
E-mail Address:
Comments: amazing, great cards!!!


Your Name: Family Raines
Country/Location: Bonn
E-mail Address:
Comments: Illuminating for such a shady character!! (thanks; just what I want to hear)
~ cheers and merry Christmas.
Your Name: nancy
Country/Location: CHINA
E-mail Address:


Your Name: mark
Country/Location: china
E-mail Address:
Comments: very well
Your Name: Nicolas
Country/Location: South Africa
E-mail Address:
Comments: Nice Cards

Your Name: Sandy
Country/Location: born Groby, now in Cornwall
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hazell back in Oct says there were only houses on Leicester and Ratby Road; Wallace Drive also had houses in 1939, I was born there!

Great site still, and if you still read this site, Hi Joyce nee Shuter.

Your Name: mimmy
Country/Location: china
E-mail Address:
Comments: It is ok


Your Name: Gavin
Country/Location: P.R China
E-mail Address:
Comments: It's really an amazing Christmas card. I like it very much. Thanks.


Country/Location: CHRISTCHURCH. NZ.
E-mail Address:

Your Name: Ben Bailey
Country/Location: Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Merry Christams and Happy New Year. From Ben and Doug Baiey

Your Name: Simona Revelli
Country/Location: London
E-mail Address:
Comments: I love your cards!!! Very well done! With very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year! many thanks, Simona


Your Name: Ben Bailey
Country/Location: Australia
E-mail Address:


Your Name: wanda
Country/Location: COLOMBIA
E-mail Address:

Your Name: JENNIFER and others at EUKERO CONTROL LTD
Country/Location: ISLEWORTH
E-mail Address: INFO@EUKERO.CO.UK


Your Name: Sara Gardner
Country/Location: Hartlepool
E-mail Address:
Comments: Fandabidosey! The Xmas cards are excellent!


Your Name: wol
Country/Location: ni
E-mail Address:
Comments: Alles Gute für Weihnachten


Your Name: rebecca
Country/Location: cryar
Comments: this website is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your Name: david jex
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: groby is great i have lived here all my life and i never want to move.


Your Name: Sylvia
Country/Location: Lincolnshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: A refreshing change, a realy nice site, looks nice and it works.


Your Name: Hazel Ingall nee Jones
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: What a superb site, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and some of the messages sent. I have lived in Groby for 57 years and remember it as a village with houses only on Ratby Road and Leicester Road. All the houses that I lived in over the years have been demolished and rebuilt on. What changes there have been!


Your Name: John Brown
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
I was born in Newtown Linford in 1945, and moved to Groby in 1965 after getting married to my wife Jane .And in the time since I have walked with my dogs and children . Every part of the area you can think of . It is with the greatest of pleasure that I find both Newtown and Groby the most beautiful and peaceful of places to stroll and relax . And to find this website lets people know what they are missing.

~ very good site thanks to you all JOHN


Your Name: shaun griffith
Country/Location: leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: my dad (alwyn griffith) lived in leicester rd groby 1935-1959. he is trying to trace his beginnings. if you knew him or his parents (edith & llewellen griffith) please email me.


Your Name: Ravi Kotecha
Country/Location: Groby
Comments: Hi i live in groby and i signed the guest book in 2002 and i just found it! i was amazed. this is a brilliant website. i was in my first year at brookvale high schoolwhen i wrote that message in 2002 but now i am in my last year. Two of my m8's were also on there Natalie Smith and Leanne Dean. I love it in groby and its a great village. Im putting this website in my favourites now.

Your Name: Natalie
Country/Location: GROBY
Comments: Hiya i think groby is the best village ever i have here all my life and never want to move lol luv ya Nat xx


Your Name: Barbara
Country/Location: Groby
Comments: I visited the site back in 2001, at which point I was very impressed. my family and I have lived in Groby for 20 years my children enjoy their time spent riding and socilising with a great group on young people with this healthy past time. I hope Groby consider creating a safe enviroment for the youth of Groby to enjoy their sport. Just like Ratby has done. Well done on an excellent up to date site.


Your Name: Jade Burton
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: . . .. :)


Your Name: Paul Hussey
Country/Location: Havant
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just surfed into your site. May I say your site is well laid out and full of interesting info-FAB!!


Your Name: Mike & Adele Turner
Country/Location: Spain
E-mail Address:
Comments: We have really enjoyed our visit to Groby via the internet.(Thanks to David & Sharon Gee). Before leaving the U.K we lived in Ibstock.

Your Name: Tony Derbyshire
Country/Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Comments: I used to visit my sister who lived in Groby in late 70's early 80's. Lovely long garden with an orchard at the bottom. Looks like No. 4 Primrose Close is built where I had my tree house!

Comments: I think Groby has become one of the most beautiful villages in Leicestershire, and this is the result of a group of people who have dedicated a lot of their spare time over the years to enhancing its assets and their love of the village is apparent everywhere.
Its a credit to Leicestershire.


Your Name: Irene Band (nee Johansen)
Country/Location: Derby
E-mail Address:
Comments: My maiden name was Irene Johansen and I lived with my two sisters Freda and Elva and parents in Groby up until 1947. We have many happy memories of our childhood in the village. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers us.
This site is very impressive.


Your Name: Norman Brown
Country/Location: Mablethorpe Linc's
E-mail Address:
Comments: A very interesting site which brought back many childhood memories. I was born in Glenfield in 1935 and moved to the coast in 1947. I remeber the skating on the pool in winter and the bluebells in the woods in the spring, we used to walk to Groby from Glenfield.


Your Name: Graham Cornelia
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Heard about the site on Radio Leicester, found some old aquaintances and will hopefully get in touch. A great website, fun to visit and great information.


Your Name: Lyle Skinner
Country/Location: Great Falls, MT
E-mail Address:
Comments: To whom it may concern: I was delighted with your'e invitation to revisit you're web site. My family and granddaughters had a lot of fun with it. The games, puzzles, coloring they enjoyed a lot, Whom ever is the computer wiz, has done you and themselves proud. At least in my humble opinion. Again thanks it was a delightful revisit.


Your Name: Lyle O. Skinner
Country/Location: Great Fall, Montana
E-mail Address:
Comments: I've been perusing a scottish products catalog and it has a section of interesting thing and I've been cruising and I found your're very interesting website and I'm enjoying it very much. My last name Skinner I've found out was a Sept or Alias for the clan MacGregor.My oldest son was the Montana state rep. for the American clan of MacGregors. I'm going to visit some more. Thank you


Name: Gary Calow
Country/Location: Thailand
Comments: Hi all, I used to live in Groby but now moved to Thailand. I would like to get in touch with old acquaintances who recall me, from school, (Crown Hills 1964 - 1969) or scouts (23rd Leicester), or wherever else we met/knew each other. Get in touch with me on email or ICQ 21267055.
Many thanks and I hope to hear from some old friends soon.


Your Name: Marjorie Davie (nee Spencer)
Country/Location: Leicester
Comments: I lived in the prefabs from 1948 till we moved to Forest Rise. I was brought up in Groby and remember a small quite village were everyone knew each other. Great happy days to remember. I have a sister Susan and my brother Rex who as died.If I could turn the clock back to how the old village was I would do so.


Your Name: George Fletcher
Country/Location: feild head
Comments: Good site, very interesting


Your Name: andy morris {moggie}
Country/Location: leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: thanks for a great web site to look at i use to live in groby GREAT VILLAGE
shame local bands don,t put on site ROCK N ROLL
thanks a lot
hear me on BBC RADIO LEICESTERS talkback show


Your Name: Steven Benson
E-mail Address:
Comments: Lived in the prefabs 1948. Does anybody remember me or them? E-mail please


Your Name: Claire du Jardin
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just wondering if there are any Guernsey donkeys living in Groby or for that matter any Jersey crapauds?
Please email Claire du Jardin


Name: B Bowen
Email Address::
I am looking for anyone who lived in Wyngate drive area in 1957-1964 and knew the Rogers family I was adopted by them around this time and lived at the above address and attended school nearby I was 5yrs old at the time and would like to hear from anyone who might know me please. Or even went to school with me my name is christine bowen/rogers. only honest replies please.


Your Name: KEV ROE
Country/Location: DERBY
E-mail Address:

Your Name: Dave Ramsey
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: A most interesting site and very much up to date.
Congratulations to the author.


Your Name: coral hassell
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: this is a great website. i have lived here for 19 years its intresting to see how the village has changed over the years.


Your Name: Dale L. Lawlor
Country/Location: East Peoria, Illinois, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hello, I am a decendant of the 2nd Baron of Groby (Henry de Ferrers) and subsequently through to the 5th Baron of Groby (William de Ferrers, 1372-1445) I must confess that living in the United States, I had not heard of Groby and it is with an enormous amount of delight that I write this small message to anyone that is interested in this information. I would hope to visit my "ancestral" home sometime. However, I suspect it has changed somewhat in the last 500 years or so. Thank you, Dale L. Lawlor 309-674-4996


Your Name: David Ramsey
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Mike, what an excellent lay out on Bradgate Books - well done.
In the last week I have mailed books to California and Oregon in the U.S.A. thanks to your web page.
Many thanks, David


Your Name: claire
Country/Location: derby
E-mail Address:
Comments: tryin to get in touch with simon peach, can anyone help? 'message for simon peach' - saw your name in the guest book. been trying to find you. hope you check it out again like you said you would. get in touch plz,.o by the way great site


Your Name: alwyn griffith
Country/Location: leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: can anyone please give me any info.on my true indenity. i was bought up as alwyn griffith. my mothers surname was towle. i lived on leicester rd, groby. 1935/59 then married.


Your Name: Sue Wilson
Country/Location: Redditch, Worcs
E-mail Address:
Comments: John and I started our married life,back in 1985,in Groby. We lived in Windsor Avenue in what was then a new estate.John was one of the original members of a great organization called Groby Mens Keep Fit. Apart from keeping fit the club had a fantastic social side and we have many happy memories of those days!!Is the club still alive and kicking? We'd love to hear from pals from those days including Nick, Tom, Darryl, Kev etc and catch up with all the news.
Sue and John Wilson


Your Name: pudd
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: apparently, there was a ghost in my old house at 3 jonathan close. Does anyone know a history of who lived there, or in that street. Thanks, Carly


Your Name: Richard Massey
Country/Location: Norway
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great web site. I grew up in Highfield street and moved to Australia with my brother Chris and my parents in 1988. I am now living in Norway. Just looking at this web site brings back good memories :- playing in the spinny, bird watching at groby pool, picking strawberries at 'pick your own' farm and BMX riding at the 'bumps' or skatebording down 'dog-s**t alley'......ahhhrrr they were the days!!....
thanks, great website, it would be nice to hear from any old school friends from elizabeth woodville.....


Your Name: RoseAnn
Country/Location: California, USA
Comments: Fantastic site. Great interactives, clear indexes, attractive presentation.


Your Name: John Wood
Country/Location: Glen Parva
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great site. I wonder if anyone can help to trace a relative of mine whose first name was Ellice and surname I think Smith. I understand that she has passed away but had children who I would like to contact. Possibly lived on the Ratby Road.


Your Name: Phil Collins
Country/Location: New Zealand
E-mail Address:
Comments: I was given the URL to this website from a Leicestershire Plus genealogical site. Since I was born in Braunstone Leicester in 1931 I spent lots of time Birdwatching (not the human form) at Groby Pool & surounding districts we cycled to Bradgate Park & on to Groby Pool many times also as I grew older we visited the local Pubs & dance halls. Groby has many pleasant memories from 1940 to present day. we emigrated in 1967, been back quite a few times & had a pint or two in the local Pub. Love your site Glad to see the Leicester expat link we all visit that site. I will be in Leicester this year & will make sure that we visit your place. Well done!! Phil Collins.


Your Name: Jo
Country/Location: Leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: My husband and I are moving to Groby this week and this site has been extremely useful in helping me find out about the village.


Your Name: bob garner
Country/Location: fieldhead
E-mail Address:
Comments: hi
great site

Your Name: louis dodds
Country/Location: leicester
Comments: a quality site


Your Name: Chris Taylor
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: HI....often checkout fantastic site, couple USA friends signed guest book.
Trying to buy new you know of good local supplier willing do home visit or send me brochures in post.
Am disabled and thanks to information on site applied for and granted money by Thomas Herbert Trust to update very old pc.
Appreciate any help.
many thanks


Your Name: Carl Ladkin
Country/Location: Brighton, UK
E-mail Address:
Comments: Fantasic site. Been away for over 5 years and it's nice to show my new family the place I was brought up in. I've lived all over the world from South Africa to Australia and web sites like this make me feel a little home sick, but still proud to be a Groby lad. If anyoneone has any info on the Smiths family (Walter Smith Haulage or the old bus depot next door to the chip shop) it would be gratefully received. Keep it up.


Your Name: John Johnson
Country/Location: Dunstable Bedfordshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: First I would like to congratulate you on a magnificent site.
I lived in Groby between 1949 - 1955 living at 205 Leicester Rd. near the Bungalow Stores. I used to deliver papers for them. I was a pupil in the village school until moving to Markfield Secondry School.
My parents, (Wilf & Mary) were very involved with the Scout Group. In fact it was my father who started the group over 50 years ago.
Both my parents are now 91 and live near Perth in Western Australia. I still have an Aunt, cousin and her family living in Groby.


Your Name: John
Country/Location: west midlands
E-mail Address:
Comments: Visually stunning site, I enjoyed looking around. I read your little artical in "web pages", I am in the middle of creating a small business on line myself. Do you swap banners...?
All the best...

Entries during 2003 ...........................................................................................................


Your Name: James Harrison
Country/Location: Groby, Stamford Drive
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great website, I'm glad to see such an interesting and full website for a hardly noticed part of the U.K.


Your Name: Millie and Stan PRESTON
Country/Location: Upper Hutt New Zealand
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi we have lived in NZ for thirty years, used to live in Oadby then moved to Groby, Woodlands Drive in 1957 - 1974. Then immigrated to New Zealand in 1974. We have three adult children: Elaine, Paul and Julie. We would like to hear from anyone who knew us or our children. Great memories of Groby, love the website.


Your Name: Harold Albrich
Country/Location: USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: What an interesting place. Wish I could visit you.


Your Name: shane m welch
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:


Your Name: Donald Hawklins
Country/Location: Maryland, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: Excellent site. My ancestors are HAWKINS, HUNT, NOON, PRESTON, GAMBLE from the Mountsorrel, Ratby, Groby, Barrow upon Soar areas.


Your Name: Terry Foster
Country/Location: Birstall
E-mail Address:
Comments: I visited your guest book last year it gets better all the time. Good luck, 2004 will be your year for the title 'hold that thought and live your dream'.



Your Name: ragly jesse
Country/Location: new york
E-mail Address:
Comments: thanks for the delightful sight!


Your Name: Matthew Fry
Country/Location: London UK
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just had to leave this message. What a great site - full of innovation, and some pretty funny bits too! Spent over an hour browsing.




Your Name: Lyn Smith
Country/Location: Cornwall
E-mail Address:
Comments: It just keeps getting better, Mike, brilliant site.
Best wishes to everyone who may remember our family, Steven, Sarah, Barry and myself.
To anyone who is interested: yes, we did make it to a wooden hut in Cornwall and yes, eventually, we did rebuild our hut and now we live in a proper house. Steven is working in London as an architect (Design Manager) for a large construction company and Sarah is in Cardiff working as a research psychologist for the Mental Health Foundation and as a project worker for Banados. Best wishes to everyone, Lyn etc


Your Name: XXX
Country/Location: France
Comments: DAGOTH WILL RISE IN GROBY !!! wait and see!!!


Your Name: maureen
Country/Location: cooloongup,western australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: hi! luv this site!! i was born in melton mowbray and moved to leicester when i was 7.we r coming back home next year so hopefully will get to visit. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


Your Name: David Ramsey
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Groby Pool is not a natural expanse of water. It is man made and all will be explained in my new book published December 2003.


Your Name: Janet Foulds
Country/Location: Vancouver Canada
E-mail Address:
Comments: Your site is the very very best I have come across. Brilliant. I would like to thank David Ramsey for the wonderful, complete information and graphics, of this site. A member of our Foulds family in Maidenhead sent the site to me. I am researching Foulds family that were born in Crown Cottage, Groby and I believe lived there prior to that. Well done. Janet

(what about the webmaster, can he have a mention too?)


Your Name: Paul Preston
Country/Location: New Zealand
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi,I lived in Groby from 1957 to 1974. I can remember the place well but looking at the photos on this site show me things have really changed. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me,or from someone that can put me in touch with guys like Andrew Hubbard,Gary Quilter,Keith Fisher,Andy Wormington.
I was known back then by my nick-name 'Primo'


Your Name: Teresa Bak
Country/Location: Nottinghamshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: I have been tracing my family tree (Family name Slingsby)and have found them as far back as 1792 in Ratby.They lived on Ratby and Leicester Road and were Stone Quarriers.Well laid out site easy to navigate.Will drop by again.


Your Name: Anne Harrow
Country/Location: Bucks
E-mail Address:
Comments: As a child (nee Stevenson) I lived in Groby. I arrived in about 1965 and left in 1972. It was only a short time, but it felt like forever. I still remember the village with affection and a smile. I will never forget being at University in New Zealand studying Swedish and suddenly realising with a jolt where the name 'Groby' must have come from. All the best to all who live there still!


Your Name: Michael Rennett
Country/Location: Stamford Drive
E-mail Address:
Comments: This site is great. It is a tribute to the wonderful village we all know and love. My great grandma lived in the village 100 years ago and she is still alive.


Your Name: Oliver Smalley
Country/Location: near Lockerbie, Scotland
Comments: As a former resident of Groby I am doing a school project on it and have found this site very helpful.


Your Name: James Geary
Country/Location: Milford, New Hampshire, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: I have found my surname in your Groby Directory. I believe my ancestors are from Groby.


Name: Rodney Hunt
Country/Location: Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Born in Groby 26th september 1943, left for Australia June 1951 found your site by browsing and I think it's a wonderful site. Still have memories of old Groby Primary School.


Name: Faye Faderagao
Country/Location: Manila,Philippines
E-mail Address:
Comments: It's truly a wonderful site!!!!!


Name: Paul Rose
Country/Location: OLDHAM U.K
E-mail Address:
Comments: I once again have come back to look at your site.... it seems to grow and grow with new features and a lot of time has gone into it with useing the very latest program code. I am sure this is a labour of Love on behalf of the webmaster. Its nice to see that someone is proud of the village that they live. Will come back again to see whats new! I am still waiting for a picture of Bob and Chris Taylor whome I have been communicating with via e-mail for a few years now. Can any one in the village help?


Your Name: Len Smith
Country/Location: Rookery Lane, Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: My wife and I moved to Groby in 1999 (4 years ago) following a debate of where in Leicester we wanted to live, and Groby was not her choice - now . . . she wouldn't live anywhere else and bans me from even looking at the Estate Agents pages in the papers. We have made lot's of friends and our son, now coming upto 3 loves it to.

This website is fantastic and I have been glued to it for the last hour at least - thanks for the effort.


Name: Carl Ladkin
Country/Location: West Sussex
E-mail Address:
Comments: Excellent site. Really enjoyable, makes me want to come home more often for a pint in the Stamford. Well done to all involved.


Name: Del Eldridge
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: I've lived in this village for only 4 years and I can honestly say I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. If you seek tranquility and beauty visit groby pool (especially at sunset) respect .Del


Name: Derek Mathers
Country/Location: Newport Shropshire
Comments: An excellent well designed, informative websit. A standard by which all village websites should be measured!


Name: Tony Jones
Country/Location: LIyn Peninsula
Just a quick word about your website, I've just got to tell you that your website is the best I have ever had the pleasure of visiting and is truly a feast to the eyes. I've got my own website which I run with my wife (please visit via the link above), but yours is out of this world. All the Best. Tony Jones,


Name: James Preston
Country/Location: Oadby
Very nice site, how interesting.23.07.03

Name: Tendulkar
Country/Location: Ratby
Awesome website


Name: /Cooper
E-mail Address:
My mother lived in the village and her name was Eileen Cooper and left to marry a Sheffield man called Stuart Mullins. I use to visit my grand Parent alot in the school holidays and they lived in mount pleasent at the top of Leicester road. It was very nice village and I had a lot of happy time there playing with the local children in the houses just below my grand parents.some of my mothers family left groby and went to live down under and their names were Ted,Jean, john and janet cooper.
It was nice to see the old village on the net and all i can say is keep the good work up.


Name: Colin Scott
Country/Location: Leicester
Comments: An excellent well designed, professional and informative website - puts more commercial sites to shame - well done!


Name: Simon Peach
Country/Location: Norway
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just found your website.It is full of history that I have not known about being that I was born and bred in Groby.In fact my parent's and brother still live there. I'm working in Norway on a 2yr contract , I have been here for a year now. It was a real shock to find your website and I congraulate you on the TIMES listing. I will be checking the site again.


Name: Matt Warren
Country/Location: Crewe
E-mail Address:
Comments: Searching for Steven Gleaves..... he was a duder Kiss fan when I knew him- r u still rocking out there Glovesy?? call me 07813 650210


Name: Linda Pavlik
Country/Location: Alexandria, VA, USA
Comments: Helen Disley from Groby is visiting Steve and I and showed me this web site to get familiar with her home village of Groby. It is a beautiful village (and what a neat website!!).


Name: Gerry Brown
Country/Location: Warboys Huntingdonshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: An excellent site no wonder the Sunday Times made it one of the top 10. Thoroughly deserved. The standard by which all village websites should be set. Best of luck with future developments.


Name: Lynda Mallett
Country/Location: Cookham Berks
E-mail Address:
Comments: Brilliant website you have here. Much better than Helmdon. We also love our for up to the minute info.Cookham Berks


Name: Martin Gladman
Country/Location: Uxbridge
E-mail Address:
Comments: Some readers may remember us as former Groby residents - we lived on Glebe Road between 1989 and 1996. Marion was involved with Mothers and Toddlers and Martin was a parish and district councillor and Brookvale Governor. We were back in the village last weekend visiting friends on Stamford Drive. It was nice to rekindle old memories of our time in Groby, which was a delightful village to live in. We thought that the village looked spic and span. The only disappointment was that the Co-Op had been replaced by a bric a brac shop spilling out on to the pavement.

The website is excellent, thoroughly meriting the praise which has been heaped upon it - well done! It's great to be able to keep abreast of what's going on in the village of which we have such fond memories. Keep up the good work!


Name: Maureen Couvopoulo
Country/Location: Long Island NY
E-mail Address:
Comments: An outstanding web site


Name: Mel S
E-Mail Address:
Comments: Came across your site,, via a mention in today's Sunday Times. It is clearly good enough for an inclusion in our directory of the UK's best sites. If you would like a listing then hit the "suggest" button at the top of our home page and forward us the description you would like against your entry.


Name: Evie Ward
Country/Location: Salou, Spain
Comments: Im on my holidays at the moment and have looked up my home village on the internet cafe in the hotel.


Name: David Ford
From: Yorkshire
Message: Just a note to say how extremely professional and well constructed I found your Groby site, as well as very informative. I located it whilst setting up an Electronics Greetings account, which uses your site as an example.
I have two sites of my own, see below, but they are not yet approaching your standard. I started them as a hobby after taking early retirement. I have not yet attempted using Flash technology. Your use of flash seems to have struck just the right balance between effects and loading time. I especially liked your Puzzle corner effect of building a room, most unusual.
Congratulations on a quality site.
Best Regards


Name: Charlie
From: Groby
Message: A brilliant village.


Name: keith hammond
From: Malta
Message: Hi, This is a great site but could i ask for the future would it be possible to list all monumental inscriptions (grave stones ) on line it would help100s of people and inprove your site no end. Thankyou please keep up the good work.

From: Martin Bird
Date: Sun Mar 16 12:18:44 2003
Message: Hi! Love your site, you have brought Groby's interesting and varied history to life. Like the interactives! We would like to add your site to our links page, do you mind? Would you reciprocate? Hope to hear from you soon!

From:  Jess
Date: Groby
URL: Thu Mar 13 18:28:57 2003
Message: I have spent many hours on this site over the past few years, and I never get bored of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the paper trail and the info about Groby is great. Congratulations on producing an excellent site.

From: Lynne Faux
Date: Brisbane Australia
 Wed Mar 12 03:00:59 2003
Message: Great site, best of luck

From: Steve - Leics. Forest East
Date: Tue Mar 11 21:56:41 2003
Message: I have just looked at your site from a Leicester Library computer. It looks great on a big screen and is fast with broadband technology. Just to say I have just voted with my fingers for Grobydirectory to possibly become the "village website of the year" before going shopping. If you didn't know, use of the Leicester Library computers are free to the public although you may have to book in advance if there is great demand.
All the best
Steve (L.F.E.)

From: ferrier,ashby
Date: Sun Mar 9 19:01:46 2003
Message: a most interesting and lively designed web site

Fri Mar 7 22:47:36 2003
Message: Enjoyed looking at your site again, takes me back to my youth in the forties when I lived in glenfield and spent a lot of time round the pool in all seasons, now live in Grimby but have been back several times with my brother's ,Vic Brown ,

From: Alison Sizer,nee Clarke
Date: Mon Mar 3 13:34:24 2003
Message: How interesting to read about Groby again. I also lived in Groby for most of my Childhood I was born in '57, and went to the village school and Martinshaw Primary. I have four siblings who still live in Leicester Nick, Stephanie, Diane and Helen. We are returning to be close to my mother who is ill (see small ad) and would like to make contact with people who may remember us.

From: John Edwards N Z
Date: Fri Feb 28 08:40:40 2003
Message: This is an ammendment to my previous email address.It is now ,

From: M bate Thrapston
Date: Sun Feb 23 07:51:09 2003
Message: Excellent site for a village. I only came across by accident when trying to find a car dealer in the village but it's most impressive!

From: Linda from Blackpool
Date: Thu Feb 20 15:23:52 2003
Message: I'm a TEFL teacher currently working in London and think that this website will be a wonderful resource in my English lessons. Textbooks can be a bit dry and boring but my students will love answering questions about a real village.

Have any other English teachers prepared questions or a treasure hunt about this website ?

Thanks, Linda

From: Anne Lindauer Louisville Kentucky USA
Date: Mon Feb 17 01:29:10 2003
Message: Greetings from Kentucky.
By chance do you know any members of the Gowland family that live in or near your area?

From: Elaine Hill NZ
Date: Fri Feb 14 07:39:43 2003
Message: Hi I lived in Groby from 1957 to 1973. I went to Martinshaw primary school and lived in Woodlands Drive. My maiden name was Preston. In 1974 I emigrated to NZ.My parents, Millie & Stan, brother Paul, and sister Julie, also emigrated to NZ. We still talk about the wonderful times we had in Groby and would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

From: Becky,Glenfield
Date: Mon Feb 3 14:54:39 2003
Message: Games are fun

From: Ratby
Date: Mon Feb 3 14:39:29 2003
Message: Wicked site really helpful, cool and lits of good pictures
Jodie Smith

From: Ratby
Date: Mon Feb 3 14:36:31 2003
Message: Thankyou fpr making me so welcome

From: pauline
Date: Sat Feb 1 19:16:09 2003
Message: Brilliant site Mike, giving a wide variety of information on the village. It's a lovely place to live. Any chance of ariel photo's of Anstey Lane and Branting Hill?

From: Les & Margaret Pryor, Australia
Date: Sat Feb 1 07:35:21 2003
Message: After living in Groby for 12 years we moved to Australia in January 2000.It was good to see Groby agian via your web site, and very well done!! it was great to see Groby Pool again, many fond memories! shame that the pick your own farm closed down, many a sunday afternoon dessert was enjoyed there. Good to see the Church, our daughter was married there. Keep up the good work.

From: Stuart Milsom, Somerset
Date: Tue Jan 28 13:20:03 2003
Message: A fantastic site congrats on the times listing but very well deserved. I used to live on Leicester Road, moved away a few years ago now.

Still have great memories of the pool and Bradgate Park. Ive been back a few times over the last 10 years and hardly recognise the outskirts, but the village itself can never change.

Keep up the great work.
The web page isn't mine but i have a lot to do with the club.

From: Jamie Forman, Husbands Bosworth
Date: Mon Jan 27 20:27:27 2003
Message: Very impressive website, alot of hard work! Well done.

From: Rob Gill - Nottingham
Date: Fri Jan 24 02:12:04 2003
Message: I am 21 and was born and raised in Groby until I left to go to university, so it's nice to see the village every once in a while when I get home sick.

From: Steve Harrold, Sycamore Drive
Date: Wed Jan 22 22:39:04 2003
Message: Hi Mike, belated congrats on the Times listing, puts Groby on the map, site still looks brill

From: Declan Groby
Date: Tue Jan 21 20:10:12 2003

Message: Hi this is Declan from the bowyer family and I have sugested something for the council of Groby I think that we should have some mountin bike jumps
for the kids on there bike because I have asked many people and they have said that they would love to have bike jumps in Groby I hope that the council can do something about it and it would defanatly stop most of the youths on the streets of Groby if you would like to conntact me about this please click on the e-mail address

From: Mary Hodges, Wooster,OH
Date: Sun Jan 19 22:05:04 2003
Message: I had a wonderful time browsing your very creative website. While I was really looking for information on the possibility of places to stay and or eat in your area, I was delighted to be able to spend some time with the puzzles, photos etc. as I continue my search for my BURCHNALL ancestors. Thanks to Google for bringing your site to my computer.


From: Paula Longhurst, Salt Lake City USA
Date: Tue Jan 14 23:13:23 2003
Message: I used to spend my Summers down the road in Ratby where my uncle was the local Vicar. I'd completely forgotten about Groby Pool until I saw it on your
map. We used to go out there and picnic, feeding the Canada geese. I love your site it's has brought back so many memories!


Paula Longhurst

From: Tim Stanbrook, Winchester UK
Date: Sun Jan 12 12:40:21 2003
Message: Good site, and an excellent resource for maintaining contact with past, current and future residents of the area.

I lived in Groby from September 75 to May 77. I was working at Marconi Radar Systems in New Parks, like a number of residents of the area. I got the
impression that my old and noisy green Hillman Imp parked outside a rented house in Glebe Road didn’t quite align with the aspirations of the neighbourhood. Still, Groby Pool was (and looks still to be) a haven of peace and tranquillity.

I was a very active amateur photographer at the time, and may have some pictures of the area. I’ll post again if my archives yield anything of note.

Best wishes to Groby.

From: Brent Knowles Bolton Lancashire
Date: Sun Jan 12 11:14:17 2003
Message: Congratulations I saw It in the Sunday Times websites of the year and for once it was spoton. A brilliant site which I will revisit. P.S I regard myself as Lancastrian. not a Greater Mancunian so the address is correct

From: Eric Newman Enderby
Date: Sat Jan 11 16:55:27 2003
Message: Excellent website well done!

From: Dorothy Bale-Greasley South Wigston
Date: Thu Jan 9 22:40:07 2003
Message: Heard of your website on radio Leicester.Very interested in Old Groby as my mother was born there,and her mother before her.I was born at Ratby and spent many happy days in Groby and down the Pool.I have connectionswith the names,Preston,Brooks and Sutton.

From: Duncan & Sue, Groby
Date: Thu Jan 9 20:18:40 2003
Message: Very impressive web site!
Really enjoyed our visit, congratulations for your awards.

From: Paul Rose Oldham Lancs
Date: Thu Jan 9 19:39:54 2003
Message: Good online friends of mine 'Bob and Chris' asked me to look at where they live! The trouble is I can't get them to send me a photo of what they look like. Nice Village very impressive site. So any one got a photo of these two please let me have it.. Their e-mail screen name is Tagga54, they keep on saying they have not got a scanner. I have sent them them one of xyl and myself. I have really enjoyed my visit to your village. Thanks Paul Rose

From: brian randall
Date: Thu Jan 9 18:56:58 2003
Message: Nice flag shame about the flower planters.
(on photogallery)

From: Chris, Groby
Date: Thu Jan 9 16:11:42 2003

Message: Great site of our village to pass around world give my online friends picture of where we live and our pretty surroundings...well done

From: Donna Elms - Higham Ferrers, Northants, UK
Date: Wed Jan 8 23:05:31 2003
Message: a very good site, nice to see different areas in the UK and also see where a dear friend of mine lives.

From: julia, earl shilton
Date: Wed Jan 8 12:52:16 2003
Message: saw info on your site in the leicester mercury so visited the site, its absolutely brill, so interactive! and interesting. are they your friends in the panoramic view strategically placed? well done! julia

From: Avi (Luis) Hoboken NJ USA
Date: Tue Jan 7 16:14:53 2003
Message: Thanks to my very good friend Chris I obtained the addy to your site, what a beautiful presentation!
Your Village is very beautiful and full of activity. Loved the visit and will visit often.
Nice New Year to all, PEACE, Health and Tranquility
Hoboken NJ

From: Victoria Bailey, Berkshire
Date: Tue Jan 7 11:41:42 2003
Message: A great example to other Parishes and villages -most enjoyable, if a little noisy!

Mon Jan 6 19:38:19 2003
Message: a lovely village, and a great web site. As I live in a city I envy your community spirit.

Entries from 2002.......................................................................................................................


John - Groby


Tue Dec 31 23:15:34 2002


I found the picture of the two white chested birds at Groby pool very enjoyable!!. well done on the Sunday Times Award


Mike Pears, Norfolk


Tue Dec 31 00:40:47 2002


Hi, I read about your website in the Sunday Times and I'm very impressed - it's certainly the best "community" site that I've seen. I'm trying to develop one for our village (see the above URL) but I've obviously got a long way to go ! I shall certainly visit again. 


Harry Hall


Mon Dec 30 19:49:24 2002


Puts our little site in Wigtown, Galloway to shame -  well done!


John - Bedfordshire


Mon Dec 30 16:52:10 2002


Can I come and live in Groby?


Graham Jackson of Beckenham, Kent.


Mon Dec 30 14:52:33 2002


I must congratulate the Author(& Site Builder) on achieving a superb coverage of the village and it's buildings, I think I could arrive and feel I'd returned to somewhere I know well.
 Graham Jackson


John Norris. Risbury, Herefordshire


Mon Dec 30 13:29:18 2002


Great web site. I have never visited Groby but it appears to be a an interesting village. I do know some one who lives in the village<, Alan( or is it  Alun) griffiths, used to be a building surveyor. If you are still there, Alan 'how are you you


Gill, Aylestone, Leicester


Mon Dec 30 01:12:02 2002


Heard of your fame in the sunday times and thought I'd check you out. V good site, interesting and fun.


Padhraic O Cuinneagain Dublin Ireland


Mon Dec 30 00:53:54 2002


Most impressive - a breath of fresh air!




Sun Dec 29 23:44:25 2002


I saw you in the Sunday Times Doors Awards 2002 - I visited you - I leave you having been very impressed - well done and good luck!


Brian Carroll, Bucks Horn Oak


Sun Dec 29 21:52:45 2002


Just taken a look at your site, it's really great. Will visit again when I have more time.


elisabeth lincoln


Sun Dec 29 19:39:11 2002


Hello sister - spotted you on this marvellous site - fame at last!!


Henk van Oort


Sun Dec 29 19:38:29 2002


Great site! Example for my village of Bergen N.H. in Holland
Annis   27/Mar/2002:02:57:16
Your site is high quality. I like it.

Edd Scott   09/Mar/2002:17:55:16
Great site Mike the improvements that you have made look fantastic.Keep up the great work. !!

paul gill   07/Mar/2002:21:54:22
There's obviously a lot of work gone into this. It looks really good.I still have some Roman, saxon and medieval pottery if you wanted to include a picture at some time.

A.   07/Mar/2002:00:20:31
Fantastic site!

John Edwards   23/Feb/2002:07:29:50
I used to live at 208 Markfield Road, Groby and moved to N.Z. in 1956.We have never been back to the UK but perhaps one day soon we will. I went to Groby Junior School and then to South Charnwood Sec Mod. I hear they had a reunion recently. Does anyone out there remember

Jean and Derek Middl   16/Feb/2002:22:48:39
We bought 79 Highfield Road in 1971 and sold it in about 1978 at which time we had moved to Kenya. We had a great time in Groby and would love to hear from anybody who remebers us. Perhaps the Summerfields or the Cassellys

sephanie   01/Feb/2002:20:21:34
i think there should be a swimming pool built in groby

 Matthias   28/Jan/2002:22:47:02
Greetings from Germany.
It is a very well designed Hompage.

Special greetings to Laura! LOL

 machow   28/Jan/2002:14:08:29
any one who visits this site will enjoy it please email me if u have msn messenger and are aged 11 to 16

 P. Smith   12/Jan/2002:06:23:14
Interesting website - well done.

 Tony Camber   09/Jan/2002:04:14:58
Hey Mike,

You still out there? This is Tony (the Yank) that used to live in Groby. Don't know if you remember my e-mail from a while ago. Anyway, looks like I might be coming back over for a visit, and we don't want to leave Groby off the preferred tour listing.

Let the old gang at the Stamford know that I'll drop in for a Sunday quiz, hopefully before summer hits.


PS: The hunting and fishing's been great back home here. Right now, the score stands at Tony=1, Bambi=0 this flintlock season.

 Tracy Baggett   06/Jan/2002:05:59:01
I found your site while conducting a geneology search on John Baggett, born 1613 in London, England. I am trying to locate more records, but my search has come to a temporary stopping point. If you have any recommendations, I would greatly appreicate your feedback.

Leicestershire: Leicester - Register of St. Mary, 1600-1738
Calendar of Wills Proved and of Administrations Granted in the Commissary Court of the Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdiction of Groby, 1580-1800.

Register for the Parish of St. Mary, Leicester.
1602. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.
County: Leicestershire
Country: England
Edward, son of John Baggett, bap. 25 Jul 1602 and bur. 29 Jul 1602