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Your Name: Sarah Keen
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Have Just Purchased one of the old Quarry Workers Cottages on Leicester Road, I am Very surprised to Find that they have been completely missed off any information on this website. I am very interested in the history of these cottages, and thought the Groby website would be a good place to start research, but to my surprise, and disappointment, not even a red dot on the Groby Map mentioning them.


Your Name: Les
Country/Location: Western Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Merry Christimas to everyone in Groby and a sucessful 2008


Your Name: Kerrie Inskip
Country/Location: Canada,London
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great Website...I used to live there in my teenage years and it brought some memories back..If any one knows the Illsons that live in Groby that Have 2 daughters and one of the names is Kerrie Please let me know.. Thanks


Your Name: Glenda Williams
Country/Location: Leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi, i used to live in Groby till i married. My mum and one of my brothers still live in Groby. I remember it as a lovely place to grow up, not many of the fields left that we used to play in. still a beautiful village.


Your Name: Rosie Whawell
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just looked at your new web site and think its fantastic, very professional. If I didnt live in this lovely village I'd want to visit it after looking at the web site. Well Done.


Your Name: Ian Morrison
Country/Location: Sawbridgeworth, UK
E-mail Address:
Comments: I used to live in Groby at 6 Parkside but moved away in 1978. Have driven through since and seen the pictures of the village on the website: little has changed apart from the playing fields behind the infant school being built on. I went to Martinshaw and then Brookvale schools.
I daresay no-one remembers me or my family (Robin and Anne - parents- and Janet and Fiona- sisters) but if you do drop me a line...!!


Your Name: Steph
Country/Location: Markfield / Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi there - we have just moved our small Accountancy business onto Fir Tree Lane, and I found this website - WOW what a fantastic resource for the residents of Groby, or those wanting to know about Groby.
I hope to be advertising with you shortly!
Kind regards, Steph Beeston-Clarke FCCA


Your Name: geoff gilbert
Country/Location: isle of man
E-mail Address:
Comments: found this site by chance, lived in groby from about 1950 to 1968. went to school in village and then to south charnwood. strange, lived on island for getting on for fourty years, now i am suddenly homesick. if anyone remembers me or wants a chat send an e mail and i will get back to you.


Your Name: Faye
Country/Location: New Zealand
E-mail Address:
Comments: Another great website Mike! My WYKES ancestors were from Groby - they came to New Zealand in 1865. Read WYKES was a bootmaker (son of Thomas and Sally) Always interested to hear form others with WYKES connections. Hope to visit Groby next year with my family - not exactly on the UK tourist trail... but having visited via the website how can I resist!!


Your Name: Paul Rumble - Paul's Quality Electrics
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Just a quick message to let all my local customers & friends who may not of heard but wanted to know, that i had a baby daughter on 22nd Oct 2007 weighing 7lb 9oz. We've named her Emily Jane Pauline Rumble. Mum Mel & baby Emily are both home & well.
Congratulations on the new Groby website - as a resident of over 25 years on & off - it's great to have such a high quality informative website for everyone to see & use!
Best Wishes, Paul Rumble & Mel Mantle (Paul's Quality Electrics)


Your Name: Trevor Brooking
Country/Location: South Wales
E-mail Address:
Comments: Well done an excellent site. I came across it whilst trying to track down a former colleague of mine. Her name is Shirley and she lived on Fir Tree Walk (12a I think as there was no No 13). I recently came across a card that she had given me so if anyone knows Shirley could they please pass on my details. Many thanks


Your Name: Mick and Joan Jordan (nee Berrington)
Country/Location: Hugglescote
E-mail Address:
Comments: What a fantastic website, very interesting going through everything and looking at the pictures etc. Nice to show the family a bit of our history!
RE: JACKIE JORDAN, will try to research the Jordan family line in Groby as Henry is a traditional Jordan family name as is Joseph.
Anyone who can remember either myself or Joan is welcome to e-mail on the address above. (we would especially like to hear from anyone who remembers the Berringtons and life at Groby Lodge Farm). I look forward to hearing from you!


Your Name: carolyn
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Lived here for 10 years, my 6yr old daughter Sarah, Matty the rabbit and I have just found this website, we now know a lot more about where we live - it's fantastic ! Many thanks, Carolyn, Sarah & Matty


Your Name: christine mccartney (nee mather)
Country/Location: lovedean, portsmouth
E-mail Address:
Comments: The Old Hall Farm has very special memories for me, I lived there as a nannie in the sixties.


Your Name: dave midgley
Country/Location: thailand
Comments: good to see home again. bought a tear to my eye. great photos. thanks.


Your Name: Lewis Electrical
Country/Location: Anstey Heights
E-mail Address:
Comments: Very interesting web site, I was glad to have a look around as I grew up in Ratby and Groby, keep up the good site work.


Your Name: Alison Fletcher
Country/Location: Hillsboro Ohio
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi Mike - just signing in from the USA - just showing your talants off to my friend Darci! shame about the Rugby eh? I always disliked Twickenham.


Your Name: Margaret Feemster Dahlke
Santa Barbara, Claifornia, USA
E-mail Address:
Wondering if Groby gave its name to the townland in Ulster of Ballygruby/Ballygrooby. Your website is very nice.


Your Name: Lisa Allen
Country/Location: Glen Parva
E-mail Address:
Comments: What an excellent site. I could look through the gallery pages all day. What an excellent way to show now and then pictures. I live in Glen Parva now but I am originally from Groby and I am more than impressed with this site.


Your Name: Maurice Palmer
Country/Location: Birstall
E-mail Address:
Comments: Excellent website, very interesting.
My family were originally from Groby ,the Palmer's & Johnson's and are buried in the Church grounds. Therfore giving me a personel interest in the village.


Your Name: Theresa Patrick
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Wonderful site. Extremely interesting.


Your Name: Cathy Jenkins
Country/Location: Groby
Comments: Where do I start? What a fantastic website!! My son Harry, who is 6 years old plays on this website everyday he loves looking at all the old photographs and doing the puzzles. And I think it is great too. I have taken Harry and my youngest son Owen who is 14 months old around Groby many times for walks, but it is only since Harry has seen this website that he has taken an interest in all the old buildings. I took him a walk on Friday and we were out for hours drawing the Old Hall and the Stamford Arms and his favourite was the old School, which he thought was so interesting when I told him that when I was a little girl it was a Bread shop and my mum used to take me there every Saturday morning to get Fresh bread and Cream cakes. He loves this website and so do I. Keep up the good work.
Cathy, Harry and Owen Jenkins


Your Name: Martyn Collier
Country/Location: Gloucestershire
Comments: I found this a very interesting and well presented site. I found it while researching my Collier ancestors who lived and worked in Groby (mainly as wheelwrights and carpenters) from at least the 1760's through until the late 1870's. I was brought up just a few miles from Groby and still have family living nearby.
Thank you for putting this site together.

(John Collier born in Groby in 1769 was my 4 times great Grandfather (he was a wheelwright) and as a Joseph Collier who was also a wheelwright and lived in Groby was buried in 1772 the family may have been there earlier. The last of my ancestors born in the village was my Great Grandfather George Harry Collier born in Groby on 21 NOV 1863 who lived until 1948. When the 1871 census was taken my GG grandparents and my G grandfather lived in the Rookery.)


Your Name: Nigel
Country/Location: Sheffield
Comments: Hi Groby - Use to spend a lot of my younger days there at my grand parents who lived at mount pleasant which is flats now, My grand father was William Cooper (Bumper to his friends) and my mother was Eileen. Not visited for years now but still think about the old place now and then when me and my brother and sister played in groby pool and got told of by Teddy Henstock.
Great web site and the pictures bring back happy memories.


Your Name: bryn
Country/Location: groby
Comments: some great memories, the village has changed so much though, im glad i was a child of the 70s,i think we had it a lot better then than the kids of today.

Your Name: Richo
Country/Location: Groby
Comments: Just randomly thought to sign it. Dunno how i got on here but you kno.


Your Name: jessica price
Country/Location: groby
Comments: this is a good site for homework on groby and groby's past history!


Your Name: looe coops
Country/Location: ratby
Comments: i go to school in groby and i still dont know groby very well so this site helps when it comes to geography homework about groby!!!


Your Name: Colin Higgins
Country/Location: Glasgow
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi, I lived in Groby from 1984-1986 and attended Groby Community College, I was amazed to find this site, the village doesn't look as if it's changed very much.


Your Name: Melly
Country/Location: lime avenue Groby
Comments: Hiya, all my life i have lived here but i know that its secrets are big .. like the train track and it used to have a castle, but i doesn't bother me ...

(shame, perhaps one day it might interest you?)


Your Name: stefan carter
Country/Location: groby
Comments: groby is the best place in the world


Your Name: Petr
Country/Location: Czech republik
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi everybody, my name is Petr, I from Czech republic and I was in Groby 1 year ago as an aupair in lovely family Anne Schkodin on Bluebell drive. I came to love your city. I thinking back on it very often. So I wish you good luck in future and I apologies my english:-)Bay bay


Entries during 2006....................................................................................................................................


Your Name: Colin Hicks
Country/Location: Teddington, Middlesex
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great looking site. I wish my websites looked as good.

I visited Groby looking for Dudley J Brown. I understand he lives there but he is not in the phone book. Can anyone put me in touch with him.

Thanks - Colin


Your Name: James
Country/Location: Leicester
Comments: I like this website's design and it's very useful. I've never been the Groby even though I live about 4 miles away. I really should go pay a visit sometime!


Your Name: melanie
Country/Location: tona (barcelona) spain
Comments: I congratulate you for this pretty web site, I think it's different and I always visit it.
Go on!


Your Name: Victor de Quincey
Country/Location: Cumbria
E-mail Address:
Comments: Excellent presentation


Your Name: Margaret Pryor
Country/Location: Western Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: just surfing so thought I would surf Groby for a while, the website is as good as ever, last time I left a message was in 2003 so thought it high time to wish Groby residents all the best regards Les and Margaret Pryor.


Your Name: Mrs Pat Prosser
Country/Location: Whitwick .Leics
E-mail Address:
Comments: What a brilliant and useful site. I was particularly interested in the Bradgate stables article as I used to work at Bradgate House when it was occupied by Lafarge/Redlands.


Your Name: Jef Groby
Country/Location: Geneva, Switzerland
E-mail Address:
Comments: Several years ago I visited Groby hoping to find some clue as to the origins of the name. A thorough search of the grave stones in the church yard revealed not a one. The question therefore remains intact. Is Groby part of my history? If so, I can only breath a sigh of relief that my ancestors did not carry forward the name of the neighbouring village, Ratby.
There is a minor Groby diaspora. I come from the US branch, but have discovered other Grobys who are very definitely French.


Your Name: mark stone
Country/Location: cascapedia st- jules, Quebec, Canada
E-mail Address:
Comments: I moved to Canada 4 years ago . My parents still live in Groby, I work as a salmon Guide on the Grand Cascapedia.
Great site!!!!


Your Name: john farrar
Country/Location: usa
E-mail Address:
Comments: Trying to find ancesters home, could this be it???


Your Name: Mr. Henry. G. Williamson
Country/Location: "YAHALOM" Lerwick, Shetland Isles
E-mail Address:
Comments: How lovely to see your site every now and again. As I said on your site page 26/7/06, I would LOVE to visit Groby on holiday one day. Well I visited your village on 23 to Monday 25th September, plenty of sunshine and really enjoyed the WORD OF THE LORD at Church on Sunday. It was great to walk around Groby and see it for myself and speak to some of the people there. Lovely and peaceful. Thank you Groby for your hospitality on my visit there. I would LOVE to come back again sometime. Your SITE speaks well of Groby... So it is! Henry G. Williamson.


Your Name: shaun griffith
E-mail Address:
Comments: anyone remeber my dad (alwyn griffith) ?? He lived in groby 1935 - 1959 on leicester rd.


Your Name: Mark Clayton
Country/Location: Alamarah, Iraq
E-mail Address:
Comments: Viewed the website, nearly finished my tour out here, definately a pick you up when you are missing home in groby.


Your Name: mel
Country/Location: groby
Comments: its a really pretty village. i love this fairly big area. i know alot about this village and history. i love the website keep it up.


Your Name: jessica
Country/Location: groby
Comments: i have lived in groby all my life. it is really cool! this is a gr8 website keep it up. please could you put more about the schools on?


Your Name: Vickie Sellars
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Absolutley fantastic; I have spent my life in Groby and remember all the old places on your website. I have particular interest in the wharf area we used to play there a lot as children, my brother and I, he lives in Shifnel now but has visited your website (under orders from me) and he too was thrilled to see all the old sites. Thank you for all your efforts.


Your Name: Ross Baguley
Country/Location: Canberra, Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: My great Grandfather Joseph Rouse, his wife and six children left Groby in 1911, settling in Milthorpe, NSW, on the western side of the Blue Mountains and~200km west of Sydney. My Granny, Annie Rouse (b Groby 1896, d Sydney 1989) was the eldest. Annie's house in Parramatta (Sydney) bore the nameplate 'Groby'. All six children lived into their 90s. They were wonderful English rural stock who raised honest hardworking children and grandchildre, all of whom are proud of their Groby roots.


Your Name: Mr. Henry. G. Williamson
Country/Location: Lerwick, Shetland Isles
E-mail Address:
Comments: How lovely to visit your site of Groby every now and again on the internet but maybe oneday soon to take a holiday there and see it for myself.


Your Name: Peter Templar
Country/Location: Adelaide South Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Found this site whilst doing geneology. One of my ancestors may have been born at Groby. 14 Dec 1734, John son of John Templar.


Your Name: Donna Tranter
Country/Location: Dudley West Midlands
E-mail Address:
Comments: My partner (and now my beautiful daughter - Millie Grace) have the surname Groobey; any ideas of it's origin? The village looks a beautiful place and I look forward to visiting during this Summer.


Your Name: Ailsa
Country/Location: Argyll, Scotland
Comments: Very interesting. My ancestors lived in Groby, so great to see where they came from, the old photos were great.


Your Name: Chris Chaplin
Country/Location: Sydney Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: My father is a butcher in Adelaide, South Australia, and his father before him and his before him. He won't believe this. What a brilliant site. I think it's the most interactive and entertaining I've seen. Thank you. Oh! and if you have any contacts or information regarding the Chaplin family could you let me know.


Your Name: J Naranji
Country/Location: Meadow Way, Groby
Comments: Hi there; moved to Groby in January and just wanted to say we haven't looked back since....
...Groby is, without a doubt .. HOME !!!!


Your Name: David O Cartwright
Country/Location: Leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: hi, what a wonderful site you have created. long may it last.


Your Name: edward willday
Country/Location: groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: hi, i live in groby waaayyyyyyy!


Your Name: Luke Badger
Country/Location: Russia
Comments: Visited a friend and their large dog. Was especially happy with your large roads and big pathways. Lovely sunshine too. Will visit again.


Your Name: Stephanie Dale
Country/Location: Brighton England
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hi, great grand-daughter of Ethel Blackwell here, who lived in Groby until about 1922. - Brilliant website.


Your Name: TexasHoldem
Country/Location: USA, Chicago
E-mail Address:
Comments: Your website looks very good!!!


Your Name: oliver langton
Country/Location: melbourne australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: hi my name is oliver langton and i use to live in groby and this website is a credit to the village. i look at the website and remember everything about the place from the chippy to the schools, people and the parish - the work with the site is aprieciated.


Your Name: Alejandro Armellini
Country/Location: Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: Congratulations on the Groby website. We’re moving to Groby shortly and I’m looking for a tennis club in the area. Any ideas you could share?

Your Name: trev & sarah
Country/Location: leicester
E-mail Address:
Comments: very good web site of groby village


Your Name: Louise Pescott
E-mail Address:
When i was twelve(eleven years ago) my best friends family inherited the Grey Lodge after her great aunt died. they lived there for a few years while it was being sold.i have the best memories of us rowing in a boat on the lake at the front of the house and hiding in the hundreds of rooms in the would be great if anyone has any pictures, memories or history of the place as it was a big part of my life.thanks


Your Name: Iris Day
Stony Stratford, Bucks
Congratulations on a brilliant website. There's so much to see - I was here for hours! I especially liked the open book format.


Your Name: Teresa Bak
E-mail Address:
My family roots are in Groby which brought me to your site. I enjoyed it very much a credit to you all. My area of interest is the surname Slingsby.


Your Name: samantha halden
I love groby, lived here for around 3 yrs and would now never move back to the city.


Your Name: Paul Hawkins
Country/Location: Titchfield
Comments: This site is an excellent example of the latest technology being used to promote something valuable and traditional. Every village has much to offer, let the world know that changes should be made with care!


Entries during 2005 .........................................................................................................................


Your Name: Haydee
Country/Location: Mexico
E-mail Address:
Comments: It´s a great web page. Congratulations!!


Your Name: Janet
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: excellent directory - didn't know my little village could be so interesting - loved the old photos!


Your Name: Lisa Oliver
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: My family and I recently moved to Groby in October and regularly use your wonderful website for local interest and information.
Please can anyone let me know of any adult choirs in the area as I have been looking long and hard for one for me to join. I do have some experience in singing aswell as many years in my school choir. I would be very grateful for any information. Thanks.


Your Name: Dianne Nelson
Country/Location: Cartersville, Ga. USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: Still love this website! It's bigger and better!! I was in Groby in September and recognized everything! I even did some shopping at Cathy Stephens Shop.


Your Name: Dudley Swain
Country/Location: Dunchideock
E-mail Address:
Comments: These web pages are so good - a fascinating demonstration of how far I need to go to even get on the starting blocks of fun web design.


Your Name: Pete Baker
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Brilliant


Your Name: katie
Country/Location: somewhere
Comments: Helped me with my homework


Your Name: Lauren Cole
Country/Location: Brookvale High School
Comments: I would just like too say that I think that the Groby and Field Head Spotlight has inspired me to begin journalism. I have written many reports to the magazine and I hoping to continue!!
from lozi C


Your Name: Paul
Country/Location: Frankfurt am Main
E-mail Address:
Comments: After too long a break I have "rediscovered" this great site and already enjoyed the continuing adventure saga.
Great work.


Your Name: jill winfield
Country/Location: mallard ave
Comments: very informative site; particularly enjoyed seeing bradgate house as it was.


Your Name: Jodi Parsons
Country/Location: Columbus, OH, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: Beautiful Village! I hope to be fortunate enough to come for a vist in the future.x


Your Name: Kate
Country/Location: Bedfordshire
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hello Sandra!!!! :o) Which bit's yours? It's an excellent site by the way, and I'm very impressed with the little key!


Your Name: Graham Fuller
Country/Location: Marham
E-mail Address:
Comments: Viewed the website to see where my special friend comes from. What a truly great website with some fascinating entries. I look forward to visiting your village soon. Well done.


Your Name: Pauline
Country/Location: Locks Heath
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great web site. Good to see where friends live.


Your Name: Sue Shenton
Country/Location: Leicestershire
E-mail Address:
Comments: My old friend Robert Crane is standing in the Groby by-election on 6th October and I just wanted to say Good Luck Bob!


Your Name: Evie Ward
Country/Location: Salou, Spain
Comments: I go to E W school and I'm on holliday having a great time.


Your Name: Jon.B.Greenwood
Country/Location: Biggenden.Queensland.Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Your website is improving markedly. It is a credit to all concerned and it is a pity that we down here in Australia couldn`t have something similar in our area!


Your Name: Graham Edwards
Country/Location: Christchurch New Zealand
E-mail Address:
Comments: I left Groby School in 1956 to go to NZ with my family. Does anyone know where I can contact old school friends.. Tony Gamble , Tom Venart , Diane Gilbert ....I lived in Markfield Rd with my brother John and parents Reg and Kath .. I would welcome any reply from anyone who may remember us .......


Your Name: Stewart Hawkins
Country/Location: Auckland NZ
E-mail Address:
Comments: Lived in Groby up to age 18y ie 1962 to 1980. The infant school, Martinshaw, South Charnwood then Bosworth College. Lived at 19 Hilary Cres then 58 Fern Crescent.
I went off to London and my parents, Betty and Norman, left the Midlands for Cornwall and now Devon. I left the country for obvious reasons....but might drop in again.
Say hello if you know me. Well done on the site, the more pics, however boring, the better.


Your Name: Jim Mitchinson
Country/Location: Leicester Forest East
E-mail Address:
Comments: Hello Mike, I have just viewed your picture gallery and you must submit some of your photographs to help build a digital picture of Britain in 2005.


Your Name: John Buxton
Country/Location: Woolsthorpe by Belvoir
E-mail Address:

Comments: Best website I have seen in years; great design.


Your Name: Jon.B.Greenwood
E-mail Address:
Excellent site with very interesting information!....CONGRATULATIONS!!

Your Name: Douglas Ellacott
Country/Location: Bundaberg Queensland Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: Very interesting especially to my wife, who is an English History "nut".


Your Name: Sanjit Bains
Country/Location: Calgary, Canada
E-mail Address:
Comments: Grew up in Groby all my life. I cant imagine wanting to have a child hood anywhere else. My family still lives there so I come back every year. If anyone remembers me please email me, I would love to chat. Thankyou for such a great website; every time I miss home I feel like I'm right back again...Cheers!


Your Name: Emma
Country/Location: Glenfield
Comments: Wow, what a cool website! I think it has a great layout and everything. I was looking for Groby's drama group online when I discovered this and I think it's amazing! Although I don't live in Groby I think it is a great village and I lived there 10 years ago on Garendon Way, and I recently had a paper round along Ratby Road, Woodbank Road, Hillary close and Carmen Grove. Emma xx


Your Name: Len Smith
Country/Location: Rookery Lane, Groby
Comments: I last entered comments on 14.8.03, and things haven't changed, Groby is a fantastic place to live, the website is brilliant, the Parish Council however want to try and support the residents, who voted them in the first place, instead of trying to do their own thing and avoid situations they don't like !! (although that might just be the xxxxxxxx!!)


Your Name: David Stockill
Country/Location: Groby.
E-mail Address:
Comments: the best village, lived here for years. Good to see that the vilage is as popular as people say. Keep up the good work.


Your Name: Barbara Mould
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Very informative - lived here for 40 years and am still learning about the village


Your Name: elaine matthews
Country/Location: Groby
Comments: Groby is a lovely little village to live in and the website depicts everything that anyone would need to know and see.


Your Name: Paul
Country/Location: Frankfurt, Germany
E-mail Address:
Comments: It has been ages since I visited your site, much to my shame! I am really overwhelmed with the progress you have made since, it was great then and much improved now :)
I still don't know how I managed the drummer clue though, needs some more investigation
 (fun section - webmaster's room).


Your Name: Jan Marchant
Country/Location: Sydney, Australia
E-mail Address:
Comments: It's a long time since I've been to Groby but this website is a really good presentation of it and give a very clear idea of the village and area. Hope to visit Leicestershire in the near future and will have a look at Groby again. Regards,
Jan Marchant
Sydney, Australia ("born and bred" in Leicester)


Your Name: Jodie Rushton
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: I thought the site was very interesting. I did not know much about Groby.


Your Name: Sally Flint
Country/Location: Indianapolis, Indiana USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: I had the pleasure of visiting Groby in 1997. It was my first time to the U.K.. The people of Groby made my visit so welcoming and special. When my friend and I went to the village church, we were assigned ladies to help us understand the service. My church now uses that method to help our visitors after I mentioned it at a council meeting. I enjoyed the footpaths in and around the area. We don't have that kind here. Someday I would like to return. Thank you for making me feel so at home. Many Blessings, Sally Flint


Your Name: Craig Burbidge
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Just moved to village. Website is excellent. History of the village is fascinating.

Your Name: Evan & Pauline Jones
Country/Location: Victoria, Australia
Comments: What a great sight, will have to come see on our next trip to the UK


Your Name: Kimberly Bartley
Country/Location: Tompkinsville, KY, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: I am enjoying the site so much! It is so informative, very interesting. Thanks, Shane, for sharing this with me!


Your Name: Peter Baker
Country/Location: Groby
E-mail Address:
Comments: Great Site.


Your Name: Gary
Country/Location: Liverpool
E-mail Address:
Comments: Very happy memories of Groby, spent some of my formative years growing up there. Happy 22nd to Laura if she reads this.


Your Name: bea kerek
Country/Location: devon
E-mail Address:
Comments: Spent some time looking at your entertaining and informative site. You seem to have visitors from all over the world. A great idea and great site.


Your Name: David Tomlinson
Country/Location: South Gloucestershire
E-mail Address:
Comments: Came across you while looking for inspiration for our village web site. Wow. Hope we can eventually achieve something similar.


Your Name: Dianne Nelson
Country/Location: Georgia, USA
E-mail Address:
Comments: I am THOROUGHLY enjoying your site! It is so cleverly arranged and presents Groby as a very inviting community.