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Tony asked on his show 'was it naff, or not' to fly the English flag from your car or house during the World Cup. I decided to send him the link to my page of flags to show him Groby's answer to his question. He read the e-mail out on air and then when on to talk about this web site. I was asked to appear on his show, then a few days after that interview I was asked to be Julie's lunchtime guest to talk about my interest in pottery.

Below are a few snippets of conversation from the shows:-

Initial mention on Radio Leicester (23.06.06)

- Fan or Naff?

Extracts from the Interview with Tony Wadsworth (26.06.06)

- A Fabulous Web Site
- I Must Compliment You
- Meet Mike Pratt

Extracts from the Interview with Julie Mayer (03.07.06) 

- Throwing a Pot