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Don't panic. This isn't a tale of aircraft disappearing over Groby on their way to or from East Midlands Airport. And there are no reports of vehicles vanishing from the A50 or residents being abducted by aliens. This Groby triangle only exists in cyberspace – it's made up of the three independent community websites which serve the village.

The oldest of the three,, has a bright new look following it's recent makeover. Launched in 1999 the site was soon attracting attention from far and wide and in 2002 was described as an outstanding community site in the Sunday Times Doors Awards. It has been featured in the Leicester Mercury and on Radio Leicester and was Runner-up Village Web Site of the Year on UK Villages Online.

The site content is broadly divided into history, community, photo gallery, business, and fun. The community pages contain information about all aspects of life in Groby. There are details of medical facilities, schools, councils, the police, churches and listings of clubs, societies, the Scouts, the village hall and more. The business section is no less comprehensive, with details of the whole range of businesses to be found in the local area.

But some will feel that it is the history and gallery pages which are at the real heart of the site. This is the place to go to dig into the history of the village. There are articles across a wide range of subjects, fascinating personal recollections recounted by local residents, and a wonderful gallery of local photographs. It doesn't matter whether your interest is the quarry, Groby Pool, the Grey family, flora and fauna or Sam's Transport Cafe. You'll find it here.

In fact these pages are so engrossing it would be easy to miss out on the Fun section, and that would be a shame. And that's because it's not just fun, it's Groby fun. You can colour the Stamford Arms or complete a 48 piece jigsaw of the Old Hall online. You can also visit Groby Pool and add wildlife with the click of a button or test your knowledge with a Groby quiz.


The second element of the Groby Triangle is this magazine's website, This is primarily the shop window for the magazine and has details of contact details and advertising rates. You can also check on publication dates and if you want to submit an article, letter or advertisement you can check the deadlines. It also has a link which enables you to read the Spotlight online, very useful if you have recycled your copy and need to read an article again or want to find one of the advertisers. Although there are no links on the site to earlier editions all you need to do is Google 'Groby Spotlight' together with the date, if you know it, and links will appear to where back copies can be found. If you have relatives or friends outside the village who want to keep up to date with local news here's their chance to read the Spotlight online. Alternatively you could buy them a subscription as a Christmas or birthday present!

The third part of the Groby Triangle is, . This website is local news based and is primarily an archive of some of the articles that have appeared in the Spotlight. New articles are added as the Spotlight is published and the latest news is added between editions. If Groby news stories are featured in the Leicester Mercury, or on the regional radio or television websites, brief details are included together with links to click for the full stories. The site can be searched enabling access to all the articles on a particular topic, for example local planning issues such as the Bloors planning applications and appeals.

The three websites each have a different theme and complement one another with very little overlap. Each provides a link to the others which helps visitors find what they want. Together with the official Parish Council website that has details of meetings, minutes, council news and useful links, they provide comprehensive information about the village of Groby. (originally know as the 'Groby Directory')