We have the most comprehensive information online of the history and ecology of Groby, supplemented by a unique photographic collection which can be found in the Gallery Section.



time line
Groby Time Line - the changing landscape over the last few million years.
lady jane grey
The Grey Family - who played a fascinating role in English history.
bradgate house
Bradgate House and Stables - majestic house that was visited by royalty.
The Railway - Groby granite railway.
The Flora of Groby Parish - by Edith Hesselgreaves (1973)
Local Books - all about Groby and the surrounding area.
grey lodge
Jos & Dean Tweedle - memories of their time at Groby Lodge farm
war memories
War Memories - personal memories of war-time Groby.
transport cafe
Sam's Cafe - yes Groby once had a transport cafe.
Woodlands - the surrounding woods of Martinshaw and Sheet Hedges.
Martinshaw Lodge - personal memories of times spent at the Lodge.
old hall
Castle and Old Hall - the mound of earth at the rear of the Old Hall is all that remians of the castle.
Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough - the grand opening in 1909.
Parish Church - St.Philip and St. James Church built in 1840.
United Reformed Church - non conformists were meeting here in the very early 19th century.
Old photographs - the importance of such pictures.
groby pool
Groby Pool - reputedly the largest natural expanse of open water in Leicestershire
Archeologly - your garden is a good place to start!
Class of '61 - A couple of old Groby-ites celebrated their 50 years of friendship by going on a trip down memory lane.
groby sold!
Groby Sold in 1925! - following the death of the 8th Earl of Stamford and Warrington, Lady Venetia Grey decided to sell off the estate.
street names
Road and Street Names - how they came about.
dowry field
Dowry Furlong - part of Groby's common field system dating from the Medieval period.