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Martinshaw Woods, situated on Groby's border with neighbouring Ratby, consists of 254.5 acres (103.0 ha) of replanted ancient woodland, part of the National Forest. The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage.

The County Council are currently undertaking a programme of woodland management which is designed to control the Sycamore and reintroduce the natural indigenous species to the woodland. In addition, areas of Hazel within the wood are to be coppiced which is a traditional form of woodland management.

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sheet hedges

Sheet Hedges

Sheet Hedges Plantation which extends to 11.2 acres (4.53 ha) was originally planted as a commercial plantation comprising of mainly European Larch and Scots Pine. There are some broad-leaved trees within the plantation such as Ash and some individual Oaks. Many of the conifer trees in the plantation have recently been harvested and the cleared areas have been restocked with a mixture of species indigenous to the local area including Oak, Ash, Rowan, Birch Holly, Hazel and Field Maple.The original Ash and Oak trees have been retained along with a belt of conifers on the edge of the wood to maintain a degree of maturity. The newly planted trees will develop into an attractive mixed woodland which will be of benefit to local wildlife and an important feature in the landscape.

Sheet Hedges Wood (situated beyond Groby Pool) is a site of special interest (ie S.S.S.I) and extends to some 53.23 acres (21.55ha). It is a semi-natural broad-leaved woodland and is documented in local records as far back as the 14th century. Sheet Hedges wood is classified as an Ash/Maple type woodland and its main tree species include Ash, Oak, Cherry, Alder, Birch Field Maple and Hazel.

The central and northern sections of the woodland are becoming dominated by Sycamore which is very shade bearing. This tends to suppress other indigenous species and prevents their natural regeneration within the wood.